Hillsboro Criminal Defense Attorney

An Attorney Who Tries Cases And Wins.

If you have been charged with a crime, a defense attorney acts as your sword and shield. Two traits are essential in searching for a lawyer who can get you the best outcome: experience and success rates. Why trust your freedom and rights to an attorney who does not have an established record of wins? Or, worse yet, why place your future in the hands of a lawyer who is afraid to take your case to trial?

Attorney John Tyner III has more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney in the Portland area. He boasts a proven track record of successful strategies and favorable outcomes in court. Over the past five years, he has obtained not-guilty verdicts at trial in nearly half of all cases.

"I try cases, and I win trials. I have handled hundreds of trials involving some of the most serious criminal charges, and I have helped clients come away with not-guilty verdicts." — Attorney John Tyner

Throughout the course of his career, Mr. Tyner has served as lead counsel in large criminal cases and high-profile cases such as the reversal of a 101-count child pornography case. His appellate advocacy has led to substantive changes in the law. For example, he successfully challenged the constitutionality of a stalking statute before the Oregon Supreme Court.

A Proven Track Record Extending Over 30+ Years

Why choose Mr. Tyner to fight for your freedoms? Put simply, he is willing not only to take cases to trial, but to win them. He does not plead cases out simply to churn out a high-volume caseload.

Over the course of his established career, Mr. Tyner has handled hundreds of trials. He understands the nuances of presenting an effective case in court such as:

  • Countering the state's arguments
  • Uncovering weaknesses in the prosecution's case
  • Bolstering the strengths of the client's case
  • Developing winning strategies
  • Persuading judges through compelling legal arguments
  • Swaying juries through convincing presentations

Free Phone Consultation With A Beaverton White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Whether you are facing charges for driving under the influence or allegations of white collar crime, you have the right to a capable defense. Call Hillsboro criminal defense lawyer John Tyner at 971-238-3293 or toll free at 800-817-5982 to discuss your rights and options during a free phone consultation.

Mr. Tyner's office is conveniently located a block from the Hillsboro Law Enforcement Center, at the endpoint of the Westside MAX light rail line.